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Linnaea Saleem

I was introduced to art and craft at an early age, and this love for all things creative was nurtured by my supportive family.

I graduated as a certified Soft-Furnishing Seamstress. My education, plus a genuine love of hats provided me the opportunity to work with designer Stephen Jones of London, England. His collections appeared in London and Paris fashion shows. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and be inspired by the professionals working in high fashion.

My favorite medium to work with is wool. The way I typically work with this material is by felting it with a needle. Additionally I am familiar with embroidery, beading, painting and lately pottery and metal clay. I was introduced to felt making in 2001, and since then have been inspired by other artists and the Fibers & Beyond group. My current work has been felted wall art and 3D sculptures.

I am inspired by the gorgeous West Coast landscape. As I am humbled by the giant trees and vistas of the landscape I understand how nature can inspire so many artists. I feel a strong connection to mother earth and through my art, I hope to share that with others. I intend to walk through life, as I do the local forests, treading lightly with care and compassion for my surroundings and fellow beings.

In 2015 I started the building of my very own Tiny House on wheels, situated in the very forest of the beautiful Highlands of Vancouver Island. Having moved into my 96 square foot house in November of the same year building is still going on in 2019.



cell: 778.977 9852 


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