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Phyllis Lysionek

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Phyllis was born in the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland. At seventeen she left Ireland to travel in Germany, Holland, France, England and Israel before settling in South Wales in 1988. She immigrated to Canada in 1994 where she currently lives on Vancouver Island with her husband John and her son Kyle.

Phyllis studied at the School of Art and Design in Pontypridd, South Wales. Her drawings, fibre art, oil and acrylic paintings are held in private collections across Canada, in the U.K, South Wales, Ireland and Germany.

As a visual artist her creative expression varies from mixed media, fibre, figuration realism to abstract work. You will find figurative element’s in many of her paintings, as she playfully explores human connections. Vancouver Island’s beauty and mystical landscape provide her endless inspiration. The dynamics of nature also play an important role in her work.  


Phyllis Lysionek

1575 Whiffin Spit Road,

Sooke B.C. V9Z-0T4

Cell: 250-893-3473

FB:  @TinyArtLoft

IG:   phyllislysionek.tinyartloft


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