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 Anne Richmond



Weaver and Basketmaker

I love the act of weaving, whether to make baskets or cloth. 

In textiles I work in the Saori tradition. This is a Japanese weaving approach which, among other things, has as its philosophy “Beauty without intention”. The focus of the practice is on the act of weaving – the moment by moment selection of colours, fibres and textures that together create a whole.  Once a piece is woven, it will tell you what it wants to be:  a cushion, a dress, a vest – anything!  

In basketmaking I work with local materials wherever possible – these pieces include baskets made from pine needles, broom, seagrass, willow, ivy and cedar.  Whenever I visit somewhere I usually make a basket from whatever is around me! I love creating fabrics and clothes that are unique to the person, let me know if you’d like to discuss creating some fabric or an article of clothing specially for you.



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