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Dana Sitar

Dana is a self-taught fibre artist. Since she was a child, she has had an inclination for reusing various materials and making things out of textiles. Taking old clothing or remnants of vintage fabric that no longer have a purpose and changing them into something new is her passion. Dana likes to pull together different textures and types of fabric in one project. 

Her other medium is raw wool and different fibers like silk, hemp, linen and raw cotton.

Love of felting and always trying new techniques is another way to escape in to the world of art for her.


In 2011 Dana won the Best Fiber Award for her 3D piece " When I Do Not Follow The Rules"

at the Sooke Fine Arts Show  as well as the Design Committee’s Award. 

Her work was featured in the Belle Armoire Magazine, Winter 2018 issue.

Dana lives in Sooke B.C. on Vancouver Island



phone 250-642-1431


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